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Domestic Electrician Services

At UnlockMyRide UK, we understand the value of having a comfortable and safe home environment. That's why we provide comprehensive installation, repair and maintenance solutions - everything from wiring your new apartment or replacing an ageing socket to complete rewiring jobs are offered - to make sure that your space remains safe and inviting. Our Killead electricians are on standby 24/7, ensuring your peace of mind.

Electrical Installations

Electrical installation is an integral component of modern living, and this service involves installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems such as lighting, power outlets, and appliances. Domestic electricians specialise in residential properties for handling installations; these experts offer homeowners various electrical services that include:

  1. Electrical Wiring: Domestic electricians assist Killead homeowners in installing safe and functional electrical wiring systems that meet applicable electrical standards. They may also help replace outdated or damaged wiring systems.
  2. Lighting: Domestic electricians offer homeowners assistance in installing lighting systems into their homes, such as LED lights, ceiling lights and outdoor lighting fixtures. They can also replace worn-out or damaged fixtures.
  3. Power Outlets: Domestic electricians assist Killead homeowners in installing power outlets in their homes, such as wall outlets, GFCI outlets and USB outlets. In addition, they help in replacing any old or damaged outlets as needed.
  4. Electrical Appliances: Domestic electricians assist homeowners in installing electrical appliances into their Killead homes, such as ceiling fans, air conditioners and water heaters. In addition, they help with replacing old or broken appliances.
  5. Electrical Repairs: Domestic electricians assist homeowners with repairs to the electrical systems in their homes. They can troubleshoot and resolve electrical problems, such as wiring faults, malfunctioning appliances and power outages.

Our domestic electricians use various tools and equipment, including wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, voltage testers and safety equipment like gloves, safety glasses and hard hats, to carry out their services. Our Killead domestic electricians play an essential role in keeping homes safe and functional, providing installation, repair, maintenance and other electrical services such as installation. Dedicated tools and equipment help them do this efficiently while prioritising safety when working with electricity.

Electrical Testing & Inspections

Electrical systems have become essential in modern homes, providing power for everything from appliances and lighting fixtures to appliances that run 24/7. But with this convenience comes an increased risk of electrical fires, electrocution, appliance damage due to potential hazards or defects and fire hazards posed by these systems in homes. Electrical testing and inspection are vital to guarantee their safety and functionality; Next, we'll discuss their importance and what processes are involved with conducting such tests in homes.


Electrical testing and inspections in homes are conducted primarily to protect safety. Electrical faults can cause serious injuries or even fatalities, so regular checks help detect potential dangers before they become life-threatening. Electrical tests can detect loose connections, frayed wires or damaged sockets to ensure homeowners can use their electrical systems without fear of potential dangers arising from misuse.


Electrical testing and inspection are a legal obligation in many countries, especially the UK. Killead landlords must have their rental properties inspected every five years in accordance with the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020; these tests ensure tenants remain safe at their homes while fulfilling all legal obligations of landlords.

Energy Efficiency

Electrical testing and inspections can assist with energy efficiency improvement by identifying areas for improvement. Testing may identify appliances or circuits using excessive energy or drawing more power than necessary - all of which help Killead homeowners save money on energy bills by pinpointing areas where usage can be decreased.

The Processes Involved

  1. Visual Inspection

Electrical testing and inspections begin with a visual examination of your electrical system. This involves checking for signs of damage or wear-and-tear, such as frayed wires, loose connections or damaged sockets that could pose potential fire hazards or other risks. Visual inspections are vital in detecting potential risks that could result in fires or other accidents.

  1. Testing

After performing a visual inspection, electrical systems will be put through rigorous testing using specialised equipment. This includes inspecting the voltage, current, and resistance of electrical circuits as well as continuity and insulation resistance tests to ensure they are working as intended and any potential risks are identified and addressed accordingly.

  1. Earth Fault Loop Impedance Testing

This test is designed to assess the impedance of an earth fault loop. This measurement determines how quickly circuit breakers respond during an electrical fault, helping prevent fires and other hazards. Earth fault loop impedance testing is an integral component of electrical testing and inspection services, ensuring electrical systems remain safe and functional.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are essential in providing protection from electric shock and are often required by law in many countries. As part of ensuring RCDs work as intended and protect homeowners against electric shocks, regular RCD testing must take place to ensure that these devices function as expected and trip at an appropriate current level. To do this effectively and ensure homeowners remain protected by RCDs.

  1. PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) inspects electrical appliances to ensure their safety for use. It involves checking them for wear, damage and electrical components in each piece of equipment. PAT is vital in identifying potential hazards that could lead to appliance damage or fires - ultimately saving money and lives!

Commercial Electrician Services

Here at UnlockMyRide UK, we understand the significance of having an adequate electrical system in place for business operations to run smoothly - that's why we provide customised security solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. As businesses expand and diversify, prioritising the safety and security of all company employees and customers becomes more critical than ever. Electricians possess the skills and expertise to install various security systems to safeguard your Killead business.

Why Security Systems Are Necessary for Businesses

Security is paramount for Killead businesses of all types and sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. A security breach can have severe repercussions for a business - loss of property, financial loss, legal liability and damage to reputation are among them. By installing security systems, businesses can prevent criminal activity, protect assets and customers, and enhance overall safety and security.

Security System Installation

  1. Alarm Installations

Alarms are one of the most basic and essential security systems our Killead electricians can install for businesses. They are designed to alert the business owner and law enforcement of an intrusion or break-in. Alarms can be wired or wireless and can be programmed to detect motion, sound, or temperature changes. Some alarms even come equipped with cameras that can record footage of intruders, providing valuable evidence for law enforcement.

  1. CCTV

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are another popular security measure electricians can install. CCTV systems consist of strategically placed cameras throughout a business that monitors activity and captures footage for real-time viewing or playback later. They act as both a deterrent for potential criminals and a means of identifying suspects if an incident occurs.

  1. Access Control

Access control systems are designed to restrict entry into specific areas of business premises. They can monitor who has access to particular rooms, buildings, or even entire floors. Access control systems can also be integrated with other security solutions like alarms and CCTV systems for added protection.

  1. Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are another security measure electricians can install to facilitate communication among various areas of a business. Intercom systems allow you to screen visitors before granting them entry and can be integrated with other security solutions like access control and CCTV systems.

  1. Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are essential components of any business premise. They are designed to detect smoke or fire and notify occupants as quickly as possible. Electricians can install wired or wireless fire alarm systems, which can also integrate with alarm and CCTV systems for added protection.

Benefits of Working with UnlockMyRide UK

UnlockMyRide UK stands out as an outstanding choice when it comes to electrical services, offering many benefits that make us the perfect provider of these essential services:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Qualified and Experienced Electricians
  • 24/7 Emergency Callouts
  • Competitive Pricing

How to Book Our Electrician Services

Booking our services is simple and straightforward. You can either call us on our 24/7 helpline on 0333 772 0796. Our Killead electricians will respond promptly to your request and schedule an appointment when convenient for you.


What do electricians charge in Killead?

The cost of an electrician in Killead depends on the service you require and who you contact. Some electricians charge a fixed rate for services such as smoke alarm installation, usually around £50 – £65. The average hourly rate for an electrician in Killead is between £20 and £40.


How Much Are Large-Scale Jobs Like House Rewires?

This all depends on whether it’s a complete house rewire or just a partial rewiring. The size of your property will also impact the overall price, which would be around £3000 for a two-bedroom house and up to £15,000 for a large 6-bedroom home.


How Long Does A House Rewiring Take?

This also depends on the size of your property; a small two-bedroom house could take between 3 and 4 days, while a six-bedroom home could take half a month to complete.

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